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New book: Lonely Planet’s France, From the Source

Lonely Planet’s series of books, titled ‘From the Source’, explores the local cuisine in countries around the world, combining regional and traditional recipes with the stories behind them, and the people who cook them. [Read more about the series here] .

Having explored so much of France’s food culture during my time at France Magazine, I was delighted to take on the France edition in the series and so, in collaboration with food and travel photographer River Thompson, I spent the latter half of 2016 tracking down some of the best and most exciting chefs across France to interview them about their passion for local cuisine and ingredients. With River From the Source - France (Lonely Planet): Amazon.co.uk: Lonely Planet Food: 9781786577948: Books taking the photos, we visited nearly every corner of the country to interview the chefs and cooks and follow the process as they cooked their recipes, before returning home to write it all up.

You can pre-order the book here.

Project involved:
* Using my vast contact database and knowledge of France to identify chefs, cooks and bakers who would contribute and demonstrate their recipe for classic French dishes.
* Setting up visits and interviewing (in French) chefs, cooks and bakers at their restaurants, chambres d’hotes, bakeries.
* Following recipe through, as each chef demonstrated it (in French).
* Interviewing (in French) each chef about the origins of the dish/ingredients and the food culture of the area.
* Transcribing and/or translating recipes for the book, from a variety of methods: their hand-written notes (in French), verbal instructions, printed (but sorely lacking in detail!) recipes.
* Working with photographer to ensure chef/recipe/story was well represented in words and pictures.
* Writing all content: 60 stories to the recipe/restaurant/location, recipes, introduction.
* Testing and adapting certain recipes to ensure they worked.
* Working with editor and publisher to ensure production process went smoothly.
* Taking part in promotional video, interviewing chef on camera, being interviewed myself on camera, doing fill-in shots, noddies etc.