When we Brits think of ferry ports, we tend to imagine Dover, Portsmouth or Plymouth. While each have their merits, they’re not exactly the kinds of places you would spend a holiday. Over the Channel, however, it’s a different case. Many of the ferry ports, such as Saint Malo, Le Havre and Dieppe are lovely places worth exploring. The best though, for me, is Roscoff. I absolutely love the place and, since getting to know a few people there while doing the France From the Source book and later reporting on the onion festival (this story is here: NGTF0319_060_roscoff) I feel even more deeply in love with it. It was great, then, to write about it (Read the story here) for The Independent. According to an interview in the Sunday Times, actress Celia Imrie is a fan too!



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10th May 2019

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